HauntedHambergerJeromeAZ 177Time has slipped away... Have done ALOT of ghost hunting... Much was done this OCT and NOV'14 and I hope to share some EVPS captured with you dear reader. My husband and I took a vacation out to Sedona AZ on Oct 31'14 for 10 days. We took a side trip to Jerome AZ which was a copper mining town.

This town is built on a slope of a mountain ... a very popular tourist destination with some haunted lodging and eateries. We had hoped to spend a night here - at the Grand Hotel, the Connor Hotel or a haunted bed and breakfast. However, this was not meant to be. This did not stop our ghost hunting efforts. We went to the Kingman mine - now a huge scrapyard with lots of vehicles and other paraphernalia. I walked to a quiet spot. The air felt clean and the silence seemed to draw me into nature. I tried to capture and EVP and got a spirit saying "Some people NEVER die"