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Written by ghostgal   
Saturday, 31 January 2009 19:56

I was reviewing some old EVP recordings a couple of days ago. I was listening to a recording taken in our favorite Leesburg cemetery. The recording was taken a couple of years ago at the grave site of a girl called Mary. I had been drawn to her site because she and I shared the same first name and also because she had a fairly large resin bunny rabbit in front of her headstone. I was intrigued by that bunny and wondered about who had placed it there and the reason why. The poor bunny is missing its ears and one day I hope to find a bunny to put beside it. Anyway, since I could not find a suitable bunny, I had brought a metal flower which was a lovely pink/rose color and I put it beside her headstone. I asked on the EVP recording if she liked her flower and I captured her response "very much". I was grateful that she left that recording for me. Why ? Because it reinforced my strong belief in the soul... that life goes on at another level.

I remember my father telling me as a child that when someone passed on, that he didn't believe in visiting cemeteries because there was nothing there. I kind of felt that way as well...that when we die, we go to a level of heaven and nothing remains behind unless we are a spirit with unresolved issues. I believe in the evolution of the soul.. that each life on earth is a lesson learned. Reincarnation, is it possible ? I believe the answer is yes. I think of the term "an old soul". We all know people like that... people that seem to "get it".

Listening to that EVP made me ponder many questions. No one has the answers and I wonder if there is an unwritten rule that we are not meant to know. Only in the hereafter can we bring our "list" of questions and get answers. In the meantime, we must rely on blind faith. I believe that the personality of a soul remains in the hereafter. Some ghosts or spirits seem to have a sense of humor. I remember being in that same cemetery a few months ago and when I asked if anyone wished to speak, I got the answer "no". It made me chuckle because if I got nothing on the recording I would have thought no one was there. But by getting a "no", the spirit just didn't FEEL like communicating.

Hearing that EVP response made me think about the dead and the fact that they have feelings and opinions of things that are happening around them. Even if we can't see them participating in our "live" world, they certainly can make a response which we can be fortunate enough to capture. Thomas Edison was trying to develop a 2-way form of communication. Perhaps as time passes, that may one day become a reality. In the meantime, I think the old adage of treating someone the way you wish to be treated is applicable for both the living and the dead. I hope to capture more responses from one of my favorite spirits. I am still pondering whether we "rest" at times in our after life at our grave site. When I say "rest", I mean in between incarnations or studies in heaven....Ah... the mysteries of life...and death !!

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