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Written by ghostgal   
Wednesday, 01 October 2008 19:01
Subject: Leesburg Cemetery January 2004
Time: 11:15:25 PM EST
Author: bolognamem
Mood: Chillin' Edit Entry Delete Entry

It was a cold, blustery day in January 2004, when my husband and I ventured out to a very old cemetery in the historic section of Leesburg. It was during the daylight ...a sunny afternoon...but the sun did little to warm us.....My husband felt that our ghost hunting should take place at night....but I felt that since it was so cold, we needed to harness any warmth the sun could render.... The cemetery itself, is confined within a beautiful old neighborhood and is situated close to a gorgeous old house, which is reputedly haunted, called the "Pink Lady". The cemetery is surrounded by a black iron fence...and during the winter months looks quite everything else in the dead of winter.... Ah yes...the dead .. but in winter....we were certainly in the right place to visit them.... ..But who were the occupants of this place ?? The headstones were so well worn that is was impossible to read inscriptions of complete names, dates, or what dedications were inscribed on the stones... There was a stone rabbit that had lost its ears, sitting beside one of the headstones.. What was the story of the rabbit ? Would we ever know ? We had our recorder with us....and had to ask...... Who was there...or did they wish to communicate ? We were only in the cemetery for about 15 minutes.... and were fortunate to have 3 different voices captured on our digital recorder.... As my husband and I were discussing how cold it felt.... a raspy voice whispered " is cold"..... Then... a bit later someone was whispering "Annie....Annie " ! Who was Annie ? We saw no one when we were recording....Our final voice said something right before my husband started to speak... It was a woman...saying "Existence....not for me" .... and her voice was very sad... Who was the woman who spoke ?? Was it Annie .....or someone else ???? .... The mystery remains....but we intend to revisit soon, hoping to gain some insight on its occupants.... We wish them peace.
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